Panduan Produksi dan Penggunaan Disinfektan Dalam Upaya Memerangi Virus Corona di Masyarakat


  • Shasha Bedys Fazhiera -
  • Wulan Aprilian



Disinfectants, Corona Virus, Covid-19, Production, Use, Society, Guide, Hygiene, Prevention


This training on making disinfectants and sanitisers is intended to tackle the spread of the corona virus and break the chain in the Pankajen Village area, Pankep District. It is hoped that these efforts can strengthen the entrepreneurial spirit among the community, starting from innovative ideas to creating business independence. This program is a platform for sharing knowledge and information to explore community creativity. This training is carried out in several stages. The material is delivered through online workshops to train people to innovate in entrepreneurship. The method of implementing activities is based on research results, feasibility studies, and material selection. The stages include model creation and marketing through online stores. The community's creative products are then distributed to the market. The impact of this activity is: (1) facilitating public access to products; (2) increasing independent production in the Pangkajen area as an example of innovation that enriches skills and enthusiasm for exploiting business opportunities; (3) increasing the quality of community independence through entrepreneurship training on online community platforms in exploring business opportunities, and (4) utilizing business communication technology in online stores to stimulate creativity and innovative entrepreneurial spirit. This aims to encourage society towards an innovative entrepreneurial attitude




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Shasha Bedys Fazhiera, & Wulan Aprilian. (2024). Panduan Produksi dan Penggunaan Disinfektan Dalam Upaya Memerangi Virus Corona di Masyarakat. Pelayanan Unggulan : Jurnal Pengabdian Masyarakat Terapan, 1(1), 07–15.