Pengenalan Pemasaran Bisnis Online Melalui Media Smartphone


  • Pamungkas Dhefin Adibrata -



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Patimuang Village has many possibilities that have not been fully revealed in the media. One of the economic potentials in Patimang Village is orange cultivation, which has become a mainstay because it is popular among the general public. The area of orange groves in the village is 250 hectares. Another possibility that has not been exploited effectively is organic gardens and ornamental plants. This problem has received little attention from the public. Apart from that, several possible villages can be further strengthened through community empowerment programs. According to Muttakin, Head of Patimang Village. The people of Patimuang Village, S.Pd.I, still need to improve their skills to realize the maximum potential of this village. Unfortunately, this potential community is still lagging in learning and utilizing smartphones for online marketing.




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